Here is a collection of some of my favorite images.   I've always found it fascinating to see how many different styles can be created using the same model, as each photographer sets out to capture their own vision.  It can be as simple as a change of hair style, make up  or no make up; the looks are all unique.  I hope you enjoy the little tour.  

Malibeauty in the Bu

The Malibu lifestyle is a nice change of pace for those who live in the bustling metropolis they call Tinsel Town.  For the lucky few who can call this little oasis their home... you will find it hard to hear any complaints.  "We apprecitate the serenity that Malibu provides and try our best to keep it that way.  "Many of us are active in the community. It feels like a small town which is pretty much impossible to find in Los Angels and most of us are doing our share to keep our town safe and close -knit."  Says, Christiana D'Amore, owner of the popular restaurant chain, D'Amore's Pizza. Christiana also is the head of a club of Malibu women called "Malibeauties"...see more

Christiana D'Amore

Malibeauty in the Bu

Summer 2018


Christiana di laciere  da Versace.
Lei e' bella! 

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