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Hello Cousin!
It was a pleasure
having you in our home the other night. Christiana,
Shirley and I have been listening to your music ever since you gave it to us and it is excellent!
You are the most beautiful person I have ever met inside and out and now you make me cry for the second time hearing your beautiful singing voice!  The first time was when you sang Ave Maria in Israel and now this!  You are amazing!  
Marianne Mc Donell
I just listened to the whole cd - you sound like a Disney princess! Your voice is beautiful. I like the order of songs you chose, it plays very well from start to finish. The song that spoke to me the most was "somewhere the sun is still shining." It gives a lot of comfort for those who can relate.
Best wishes,
Brandon Estrada beautiful!  So, so beautiful!  I am swimming in a sea of happy tears!  I love your voice and your amazing talent! Your voice is so soothing.
Mary Ann Harden

I love your music!  You are so talented.  It is helping me  to get back to prayer.
Thank you Christiana!
Karina Ortiz
I just listened to your music.  You have a beautiful voice, Christiana.  It is so soulful.  I loved every song!  Especially  "'He's All Around" and "What Will it Take."

WOW-WOW-WOW! This music is so good!  Each song is richly meaningful, impeccably produced and very catchy!  Your Star is rising on the Sky Scape!
Charlene Baker-Opera Singer
It's creative, unique and very pleasurable.  I hear the spiritual content very clearly as well. Congratulations!  God will use your efforts to honor Him and bless others.  
Warmly, Pat Boone.
Absolutely beautiful!  I love the songs!  Some of them remind me of one of my all time favorites: The Carpenter's 
Vincent Panigazzi-entertainer
I really can't get enough of your songs!
I have had them on repeat and I love to work out to them!  
Elisabeth Rose

This is so cool and different!  Each song is it's own animal and yet taken together,  marks  the signs of a great talent and superb songwriter.  I love the catchy yet realistic lyrics of " The Future Soon Becomes the Past" just as much as the simple, laid back beauty of "What Will it Take...?"  BRAVO! Gkom

You blew  me away with your can someone as beautiful as you inside and out have all that immense talent???  Jordan Brascia
Christiana, Your music is perfect! 
Oh my goodness, " Meet you On the Other Side" made me cry and yet it is such a happy song too!  Your music really got me going this morning!  
Catherine Taggart

Wow!  I am very impressed.  Your music is amazing!  Some of your style reminds me of Madonna's last album, "Confessions on a Dance Floor."  Can't wait for more.  You are so talented.  

I can't get that catchy tune out of my head!  As I began my quiet time your song came into my head and it helped me to focus with joy.  It gives me a little piece of Heaven as I drift off to sleep.  
I know you wrote the lyrics and the music but God was your engineer.

Beautiful voice, wonderful sound, altogether very inspiring.

Lovely and uplifting music.  You have a beautiful clear voice.  Thoroughly enjoyable.
 Koral S

A-Plus rating for this wonderful album!  It's so refreshing to hear up tempo and 
contemporary songs with powerful Christian messages.  Bravo to the beautiful singer!
She's awesome!  SpinDiva

Absolutely beautiful!  I could listen to you sing all day!
Joe Di Donato​ 

 Wow!  I love this album! "The Future Becomes the Past" is my favorite song.
Cam Writer

I'm 21 years old and I never thought I could enjoy Christian music this much. ​
Mike Burland

Beautiful!  Your voice makes me very emotional. 
Noelle Porter
" You Died For Me" is such a pretty song!  Christiana has such a beautiful voice!  

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